EasyVis Loop-Mediated Amplification Kit

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Product Information

Product Description

This kit is supplied with BstL DNA Polymerase, thermostable Reverse Transcriptase, and the 5×buffer, which contains Mg2+, dNTP, and visible dye. This kit provides a fast, clear visual detection of amplification, in which a negative reaction is indicated in the red and a positive reaction is indicated by a change to yellow.

Product components


For DNA or RNA isothermal amplification

Transportation and Storage Conditions

Transported with ice bags, stored at -20℃. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing, the product is valid for 12 months.

10×Primer Mix: FIP/BIP 16μM,LoopF/B 4 μM, F3/B3 2 μM

3. Incubate at 65°C for 30 – 45 minutes. Return reactions to 65℃ for an additional 10 minutes if the color is not yellow.

4. Examine color by eye, positive reactions will have turned yellow while negative controls should remain red.


1. Make primer, DNA/RNA stock in molecular biology grade H2O rather than TE or other buffers.

2. The reaction temperature can be optimized between 62°C and 68°C according to the primer conditions.


  1. Thaw buffer to be used at room temperature and place on ice. Vortex briefly or invert tubes several times to mix thoroughly. Centrifuge to collect material and place on ice.
  2. Prepare reaction mix as described below.
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