RNase Ⅲ (2U/μL)

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Product Introduction

This product is the RNase Ⅲ recombinantly expressed in E. coli. This specific exonuclease is capable of cutting double -stranded RNA (dsRNA) and generating 12-35bp dsRNA fragments with protruding 5′-PO4, 3′-OH, and 3’ termini.

Product Composition

Item No Composition Storage
Temperature (℃)
Product ID/Specification  
EN-1007-I RNase III (2U/μL) -20 0.5mL 5mL
EN-1007-Ⅱ 10x Reaction Buffer -20 1.5mL 15mL
EN-1007-Ⅲ 10x EDTA -20 1mL 10mL
EN-1007-Ⅳ 10x MnCl 2 -20 1mL 1mL

1x Reaction buffer contains 500mM Tris -HCl(pH7.5)500mM NaCl and 10mM DTT.

Product Properties

Optimal reaction temperature: 37℃. Definition of active unit: 1 active unit is defined as the amount of enzyme needed to degrade 1μg of dsRNA into siRNA in 20min at 37℃ in a 50μL reaction system.

Quality Control

Purity ≥ 95%, residual host cell DNA ≤ 100pg/mg, residual host cell protein ≤ 50ppm, residual endotoxin ≤10EU/mg, no residual RNase, endonuclease, exonuclease or protease, germ-free, pathogen-free.

Product Features

Efficient production of siRNA; accurate interference with target gene expression.

Product Information

Item No Product Specification
EN-1007 RNase Ⅲ 200U, 2000U
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