UltraFlux Real-Time Pressure-Rel Film

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Why choose our UltraFlux® RT (Real-Time) Pressure Released Film?

  • Highest level of clarity ideally suited for optical analysis during Real Time PCR.
  • Non-tacky adhesion – only sticks when pressed against the plate surface due to the micro encapsulated beads of silicone.
  • This film leaves no messy residue that can potentially interfere with optical analysis and makes handling of the film much easier prior to seal.
  • Temperature range: -70 °C to +100 °C
  • RNase and DNase free


Clear polyolefin film, silicone adhesive


Total length of 5.250” (with tabs) total width of 3.00” workable length of 4.63”

Size pack:

100 sheets/Case

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