Carboxyl Magnetic Beads

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Product Description

The product is a magnetic silicon oxide microsphere consisting of a superparamagnetic iron oxide core and a shell coated with silicon oxide. Magnetic silica microspheres are used for nucleic acid extraction and purification. The microspheres can be separated from the solution under the action of an external magnetic field. In the optimized cracking binding solution (such as extracellular salt: guanidine salt) system, the nucleic acid can be selectively absorbed from complex samples, and the nucleic acid enriched on the magnetic beads can be released quickly by changing conditions.

Product Features

Nanoscale microspheres with uniform particle size Super paramagnetic, short magnetic response time Large specific surface area, high dispersion, surface hydrophilic

Technical Parameters

Materials: SiO2, Fe3O4 Surface ligand: carboxyl Particle size: 500nm


Suitable for the extraction of DNA and RNA from various samples, such as blood, saliva, swab, tissue and cell culture

Product Model


Preservation Condition

2-8℃, do not freeze

Validation Date

24 months

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