8-Strip Tubes, Clear 0.1ml

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125 strips per unit, 10 units per case

125 strips per unit, 10 units per case

The production of PCR plastic consumables requires a much higher level of competence in product design and manufacturing than for many other consumables used in life science research.

The PCR process itself demands the rapid heating and cooling of tubes and their contents. To achieve this, tubes must be designed with an optimal wall thickness which is consistent across the contact surface with the block to allow the most efficient thermal transfer.

Our Tubes and StripTubes are produced using only the finest medical grade polypropylene free from ‘animal derivatives’, and certified free from DNase, RNase and Human DNA.

  • Optically clear caps for real time qPCR
  • Compatible with Analytika Jena qTOWER3, Bio-rad® CFX96, all ABI Fast systems and Roche® LightCycler®
  • Crystal clear transparency throughout
  • Tight fitting cap design styles eliminates concerns over sample evaporation or ‘popping’ while still being easy to open.
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