50ul 300ul 1000ul black, tray, with filter, Hamilton rack tips

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size & pack:

96 pcs/tray, 24 trays/case

  • Material: PP
  • specification: 50ul
  • Color: Black
  • Shlef life:  5 years
  • Applies to: Hamilton star /Microlab STARlet /Microlab STAR /Microlab STARplus

50ul Filter Automation Pipette tips, applies to the Swiss Company Hamilton STAR automatic pipette, available in specifications of 50ul, 300ul, 1000ul, electrical conductivity, high accurate.


  • Carbon, electrical conductivity
  • Good form of the degeneration, to ensure the practical lessons were small and infinitely close to the set target volume.
  • Good rigidity, positive move airtight, smooth surface and small beak can ensure the experiment more accurate.


96tips x 5racks /tray

9trays /ctn

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