200ul clear, rack, MCA Tecan tips

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Size & pack:

96 pcs/rack, 50 racks/case

1.Tip:Made of medical transparent PP material, advanced technology, the tip is straight with high accuracy.

2.Filter: Pure UHMWPE as raw material, processed through a unique process, having a hydrophobic.

3. Top range filter: No flash / burr, filter has appropriate elasticity, and highly matched with the inner diameter of tips. (No burr/burr, the filter element has moderate elasticity, and perfectly matches the inner diameter of the tip).

4.Standard specification and design, adapted to various brand pipettors: Aglient

5.High quality tip with smooth inner wall which can avoid leakage and sample residual.

6.Filter tip can prevent cross contamination between pipette/specimen and specimen.

7.Optional sterile method: E.O radiation.

8.Temperature: -80ºC~121ºC.

  • MCA-LY311
  • Rubber / Plastic
  • Manual
  • CE
  • Disposable
  • Ethylene Oxide Sterilization
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