10ul 20ul 1000ul Bulk Tips

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  • 23-0011S/23-0021S/23-0051S/23-0101S/23-0201S
  • CE, ISO, FDA
  • Disposable
  • 10UL 20UL 50UL 100UL 200UL 1000UL Filter Tips
  • Sterile
  • 96 Tips Per Rack

Filter Tips(S series, low-retention)


Made in Bioclean room.

Extremely straight low retention tips ensure accurate and precise sample.

Extra-long tips: 10μl with max volume 20μl, 200μl with max volume 300μl, and 1000μl with max volume 1250μl.

Racked filter tips, sterile.

DNase & RNase free, non-pyrogen.

 User-friendly label on the tip rack.

Materials: Tips are made of PP, filters are made of UHMWPE with pore size 0.22um.

Tips all are natural clear color

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